5 tips for partners

There’s lots of information out there for people who are thinking of getting a CPAP Mask. But what if you are the partner of the snorer? How can you help them adjust to life with a CPAP Mask and get yourself some quality sleep in the process?

Be part of the conversation

Don’t leave it to your partner to choose the CPAP Mask, be a part of the conversation with medical professionals. If you take an active part in understanding the problem and the possible solutions, you will be able to help your partner to ensure the right mask is selected and the CPAP mask is fitted correctly and comfortably. Be a part of the decision on which mask to choose – try them on yourself and understand how they may impact how your partner sleeps.

Be patient and be prepared for setbacks

It will take some time for your partner to get comfortable sleeping with a mask. And the CPAP mask and machine may make noise that could continue to disrupt your sleep. It’s important to remember that it will take some time for your partner to get comfortable sleeping with a mask. You need to be patient and look at what they need to support the new normal – do they need a new type of pillow? What are they worried about with the machine? The noise? Getting tangled in their sleep? Be prepared for some trial and error.

Consider sleep headphones or earplugs

While the snoring may be fixed, the CPAP machine may continue to disrupt your sleep. If you are finding that the machine noise is not having a calming effect on you, consider investing in some sleep headphones or earplugs. Modern headphones can be synced to your smartphone and include an alarm to wake you in the morning.

Encourage healthy habits

There are some things that will make snoring more likely, like being overweight, smoking or excessive drinking. Encourage your partner to be active and eat a healthy diet to help manage sleep apnea symptoms.

If problems persist…

Sometimes no matter how carefully you select the CPAP mask, it just isn’t comfortable and neither you nor your partner is benefiting. Work with your partner’s medical professionals to give them feedback on what is and isn’t working about the CPAP mask and machine so that they can help you find the right solution.

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