ApneaSeal is a custom mask interface designed to optimally fit the contours and structure of an individual’s nose and can accommodate most natural variations including deviated septum, even those with facial hair.

Every mask is ‘engineered’ to fit the face optimally over bony and soft face regions, and not simply a ‘mirror image’ of the face like previous inferior technology.

ApneaSeal is a revolutionary custom mask technology that was brought to market with a scalable and affordable solution.

Initially launched as a nasal mask only, other types, like full-face versions, shall follow later. Those who use pillow masks may find our intimate, close-fitting nasal mask suitable without the uncomfortable air ‘jetting’ sensation up the nostrils.

ApneaSeal starts with a rapid 1-minute eye-safe facial scan which then undergoes 3D mask computer modelling by engineers to optimise its fit before being 3D printed.

The ApneaSeal mask system is fully assembled with customised parts, and then shipped back to your sleep health professional for fitting. The mask comes out of the box ready to fit each patient.

No Mask Sizes:

Everyone’s face is unique. Most masks in the market attempt to fit the majority of patients with the least number of sizes for convenience of fit, however ApneaSeal has been designed without sizes because it only fits the person it was made for. It makes it much easier to fit the mask and reduces the likelihood of incorrectly sized components such as headgear.

Effortless Seal

An immense level of engineering using patented and patent pending technology has produced a mask that requires very little precision of headgear adjustment to work and seal, including when used with auto setting/titrating CPAP machines. This makes it much easier for clinicians to fit and makes it less sensitive to leak once headgear begins to naturally stretch in as little as a few days. The new 3D Seal also has superior seal performance without requiring excessive skin contact pressure and eliminates pressure points completely.

Light All Night

ApneaSeal’s patented and patent pending technology in the 3D Seal uses a customised rigid medical grade polymer along with a special air bellows to maintain the lightest seal force required to maintain seal, no matter if the pressure is at 4 or 20cm.

There are zero contact pressure points because we engineered the mask to fit your facial features. There is also much less reliance required to pre-fit the mask at an elevated CPAP pressure using CPAP machine “mask fitting” functions.

Additionally, it does not require overtightening of the headgear at start of sleep in anticipation of higher pressures later through the night, which means all-night comfort and light headgear tension.

After you book into an accredited ApneaSeal dealer location, a few minutes is required to obtain facial images by a sleep health professional on the Nose Studio® facial scanner.

You shall then be advised when you can expect your new mask to be ready for fitting/pickup. Typical delivery time is typically 7-10 working days and up to 14 days when a high volume of orders is underway. A “Priority” service may be discussed with your dealer.

Please contact our dealer network on this page: Locations
If you have any questions or experience problems with your ApneaSeal mask, you should contact your ApneaSeal dealer where your mask was fitted. Our dealers have access to ApneaSeal’s Customer Care facility to answer any query promptly.
The warranty on the ApneaSeal N1 mask’s 3D Seal is market-leading at 12-months and the rest of the mask to which the 3D Seal attaches is 3-months (industry standard). ApneaSeal stands by its innovative products and offers a 30-day 100% money back mask satisfaction guarantee.

If your 3D Seal is lost or damaged, or you are making a warranty claim, simply contact your sleep health professional or dealer.

You will not need have another facial capture as we can remake your mask due to ApneaSeal being made using computer-aided design and provide you an identical ApneaSeal to the one previously manufactured.

Any broken part needing replacement will take approximately 7-10 working days to process due to the custom ‘made for you’ design. Costs may be incurred.

Many health funds will provide rebates on this equipment depending on your level of cover and upon providing evidence of a recent sleep study. See list for further details. https://apneaseal.com.au/health-fund-rebates/
The characteristics of traditional silicone rubber cushion results in the material changing its feel and appearance during its life, typically exhibiting a slimy feel even after washing. That means the quality of seal or comfort can deteriorate with use. The 3D Seal uses a special medical grade polymer which does not change its characteristics the same way as silicone rubber and experience has shown it can last at least twice as long. ApneaSeal’s non-latex and non-silicone seal is also ideal if you exhibit allergies to those materials.

The all-new ApneaSeal N1 nasal mask is $499, which includes a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee.

After several years of research and development, ApneaSeal is proud to deliver this level of technology at less than half the price of previous custom masks.

Custom CPAP masks were originally used in sleep apnea therapy in 1981 when CPAP was invented in Australia. The masks were hand-made, uncomfortable, and were glued to the face each night. Many years later, previous manufacturer custom masks were still exclusive for few patients able to afford well over $1,000 for their mask system without a guarantee.

Numerous patients have commented they wish they found the ApneaSeal mask before purchasing several other masks that all ultimately failed to provide a satisfactory fit.

Yes, as we have refined the scanning precision, and the fact faces can change a small amount over time, having a new scan will ensure the most optimal fit of your new mask.
Although the old adaptor and all-new ApneaSeal N1 3D Seal appear similar, the new 3D Seal now requires no locking/retainer ring, which makes the new mask much easier to assemble. The old seal adaptor is therefore not compatible with the new ApneaSeal N1 mask.
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In line with NSW government directives, ApneaSeal have put a number of measures in place to protect employees and customers. ApneaSeal production remains operational, however, there is the potential for a few days’ additional delay due to restrictions and busy delivery services. Whilst most states recognise the importance of fulfilling essential services such as CPAP medical devices, and as each state has its own Covid-19 requirements, it will be prudent to check your local regulations and local ApneaSeal dealer for the latest information before visiting.