“I have to say that I have a much better night’s sleep using the ApneaSeal N1, no more waking to adjust the nasal pillow that I have used for years. My appreciation to you all.”

Current user, Female

“Firstly I would like to congratulate Bespoke/ApneaSeal on the creation of the customised mask. I find it very very comfortable and little to no leakage and much much quieter than any other mask I have tried.”

Terry Patterson
ApneaSeal N1 customer

“The ApneaSeal sits snug on the nose. I have tried all other sorts of masks that ‘sort of work and fit’ but this one works well and stays on. What I like is that you put it on, and it stays on with much less fussing around. In fact, I am finding myself getting to sleep so much quicker and getting a better night’s sleep.“

Vince S
Current user, Male

“I put it on night one and have never looked back!.”

Eddie F
Current user, Male

“My involvement with OSA spans over 25 years from initiating CPAP therapy, screening for OSA, managing a CPAP and sleep diagnostics business, to being married to an OSA sufferer treated with CPAP. Over these years, the biggest challenge for compliance to this treatment has been the interface – the mask. Professionally, when we got the mask fitting right, the user and their partner realised the benefits both short and long term. For the past 4 years, regardless of my experience, the mask has been an issue for my husband – losing the seal throughout the night, waking him up, waking me up hearing snoring or air gushing from a broken seal forcing me to wake him with a poke and demand “adjust your mask”. We tried 5 or 6 different masks during this time with little to no success but with the knowledge of the benefits to his health and for my peace of mind, he persevered. A few weeks ago he came home and told me about ApneaSeal and I must admit I was sceptical. A hard-moulded mask went against all other mask technologies. Regardless of my lack of support, he went through the process and returned home with the ApneaSeal – and was I wrong. Since he has been using the ApneaSeal, there has not been a night when I woke up to snoring or gushing air…not one night that he woke up. ApneaSeal has been able to do what no other mask has, in my experience – maintain an appropriate seal throughout the night. If you are having any issues with your mask or have put your CPAP in a closet and gave up – you need to try ApneaSeal. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

Mary Canning
Respiratory Therapist

“I have been a CPAP therapy user every night for over 10 years. After trying Full Face, Nasal and Nasal Pillow masks, I settled for a Nasal Mask. It didn’t matter which one I chose, I would end up with some nights where the mask would dislodge and I wouldn’t get restful sleep. The ApneaSeal has changed that. The soft seal holder and the tight fit of the seal means I can lie on my side and move around freely – without the fear of dislodging it. It’s like I started CPAP therapy again.”

Mark B
Current user, Male

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In line with NSW government directives, ApneaSeal have put a number of measures in place to protect employees and customers. ApneaSeal production remains operational, however, there is the potential for a few days’ additional delay due to restrictions and busy delivery services. Whilst most states recognise the importance of fulfilling essential services such as CPAP medical devices, and as each state has its own Covid-19 requirements, it will be prudent to check your local regulations and local ApneaSeal dealer for the latest information before visiting.