Can you travel with a CPAP machine?

If you’re planning on going on vacation, no matter what distance you are travelling, it is important to bring your CPAP machine with you. Whether you are staying in the country or travelling abroad, you deserve to have a good night’s sleep so you can make the most of your holiday. We have collected some useful tips and things to remember below, to ensure travelling with your CPAP machine is effortless. 1. Pack your CPAP machine safely If you are travelling via car or train, ensure you pack your CPAP machine in its original case to stop it from getting damaged during the journey. You should then position the case in a secure spot, such as a luggage rack or between soft items in the back of a car. 2. Inform your airline If you are travelling with your CPAP machine on a flight, check with your airline what their policy on CPAP machines is. Most airlines consider a CPAP machine medical equipment and allow you to keep your CPAP case with you during your flight in addition to any hand luggage. Do not be afraid to use your machine during the flight – it is better to wake up in your new destination refreshed than to suffer a sleepless journey. 3. Plan your accommodation in advance While spontaneity can be exciting when it comes to something as important as your ability to sleep, it is better to plan in advance. Check that your accommodation, whether that be a family member’s house or a hotel, has a plug socket next to the bed and is a suitable environment for your CPAP machine. If you are travelling abroad, remember to bring a plug socket adaptor. If you are still concerned you will be unable to use your CPAP machine in a new environment, pack an extension cord and battery pack with you to ensure you can still use your machine if the plug socket situation is not what it was promised to be. As long as you plan your journey in advance and prepare for any small problems that may arise, there is no reason why you shouldn’t travel with your CPAP machine. For any more information about sleep apnea and CPAP machines, contact ApneaSeal today!