4 lifestyle changes to improve your sleep apnea

If you have sleep apnea, you know just how obstructive it can be to your sleep. This condition is notorious for causing lethargy and sapping energy levels. While there are many treatments and equipment that can be used to improve sleep apnea and successfully treat the condition, it’s also important to make some lifestyle changes. To help you make a positive change, here are four lifestyle changes that can improve your sleep apnea.

Go to bed earlier

While your sleep apnea may get in the way of your sleep and make you dread bedtime, the worst thing you can do is avoid sleep. Try to get to bed at 9.30pm and give yourself lots of time to relax and fall into a natural sleep. The longer you are in bed, the more sleep you are likely to get.

Give up smoking

Smoking has been proven to aggravate the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea. The chemicals and toxins in cigarettes inflame your airway, leaving you less room to breathe effectively at night. By quitting smoking you may be able to reduce the severity of your snoring and other symptoms while improving your overall health.

Lose weight

There is a direct correlation between excess weight and obstructive sleep apnea. Extra weight around your neck increases the force of gravity and places additional pressure on your airway. By loosing weight you can improve the severity of your sleep apnea symptoms, as well as unlocking a whole bunch of other great health benefits.

Give sedatives the flick when you have sleep apnea

While many people are prescribed sleeping pills or other sedatives to ensure a more sound sleep, these sleep aids can actually worsen sleep apnea. The same goes for alcohol, which also acts as a sedative. Sedatives relax your throat muscles and airway, resulting in more snoring and interrupted sleep.

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