Obstructive sleep apnea risks

As more scientists and researchers look into the causes and risk factors of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), it is becoming clear that just about anyone can develop the condition. That said, there are a number of factors and habits that seem to increase the likelihood of someone developing OSA.

Sleep apnea risks in overweight or obese adults and teenagers

One of the key sleep apnea risks is increased pressure on the neck, and this is very common in those who are overweight or obese. Both adults and teens who are carrying around extra weight are at a far greater risk of developing OSA. In fact, of those who have sleep apnea, around 50% are also overweight.

Ageing adults

As we grow older, our sleep patterns change dramatically, and it has been proven that the risk of sleep apnea increases with age. That’s why it’s important that if you notice any changes in your sleeping habits or sleep quality, you are tested for OSA.

People who smoke

Those who smoke are at a far greater risk of suffering from OSA than others. In fact, recent studies have indicated that smokers are three times more likely to have sleep apnea than their non-smoking counterparts. This is because smoking causes fluid retention and inflammation in the upper airway, which encourages the onset of obstructive sleep apnea.

People with sleep apnea in the family

Some studies have suggested that sleep apnea is hereditary and can be passed down within families. This means that those with parents or family members who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea are at a higher risk of developing the condition themselves.

Children with enlarged or problematic tonsils

Children with enlarged tonsils or chronic tonsil problems (such as tonsillitis) also have a higher chance of developing sleep apnea. This is thought to be caused by the narrowing of the airways and inflammation in the throat.

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