When is it time to replace my CPAP machine?

Unfortunately, your CPAP machine won’t last forever, nor should it. With advances in technology and the needs of patients changing over time, the reality is that you will require a new CPAP machine at some time during your life. The question is, when is the right to replace your CPAP machine?

We take you through the time in your life when you should revaluate your current CPAP machine, when you can easily take advantage of new industry developments, and when your first device shows signs of replacing.

Change In Your Needs

After your diagnosis of sleep apnea, changes in your lifestyle and health can affect your overall condition both positively and negatively. Your needs for a CPAP machine change as your condition does, and you may find yourself needing to replace your existing unit to accommodate these needs. Sufferers, who begin their CPAP journey by renting, or buying second hand, may find themselves upgrading as their situation persists.

New Models Available

Like every piece of technology, new and improved CPAP machines are reaching the marketing regularly. With improved humidifiers, masks and travel options, your older machine might not be as effective for your condition as that of a newer model. You may not be able to identify if this is the case for you; if some time has passed since issuing your CPAP machine, speak with your specialist about any new options available.

Broken Equipment and Neglect

CPAP machines require regular cleaning and maintenance from you, the user. Combined with proper skin hygiene practices and daily cleaning of the machine, it’s easy to extend the longevity of your device. However, if your machine isn’t performing as it once was, you are receiving lower air pressure, or you have broken components, you are likely due for a new device. Specific parts of your machine are easily replaceable, however, and these include the mask, the power cord and fresh, clean filters.

Eligible for New Machine

Depending on your specific condition and your private health insurance, you may be eligible for a brand new machine. With varying time restrictions, and with particular insurance policies, sleep apnea sufferers can receive replacement parts and full new machines every specified number of months or years. It’s imperative you check with your insurance provider about your policy, and if that time has come for you, there is no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of this opportunity.

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