The First Night’s Sleep: How To Adjust To A New CPAP Machine

It can seem like a scary time, the first few nights with your CPAP machine. You are nervous about how you will sleep with the machine, and how you will finally relax with your new sleeping buddy. However, you are not alone in this feeling, and sleep apnea sufferers have been navigating this adjustment period for years.

In this article, we take you through ways to help you adjust to your first few nights with a CPAP machine, how to make yourself more comfortable, and why patience and persistence will see you through this difficult time.

Start With Short Bursts

The first night is going to be the toughest of all, so getting yourself used to your CPAP machine is the first hurdle to overcome. While most people assume this adjustment time comes at night, the day time is the perfect time to become used to the machine.

Before your first night begins, try some of the following tips to make your mask more comfortable:

· Spend fifteen minutes at a time with the mask on, whilst watching television, cooking or working, or any alike activities
· Stand in front of the mirror to help you adjust the mask’s position, to find the most comfortable positioning
· Make your adjustments whilst lying down, which will allow you to feel if the mask shifts or moves in the lying position

Comfortable Bed and Bedding

There is no denying the first few nights with the CPAP machine is uncomfortable, so it’s essential that every other area of your bed is relaxing. Before your first night, make sure you have the best mattress for your preferred sleeping style, your bedding is cozy, and your room is temperature-controlled. A dark, quiet room will also help you settle into a deep slumber, however, it’s more important to create an environment that induces sleep for you.

Relaxation Routine

Before your time in bed begins, and you start your first night with the CPAP mask, engage in relaxation activities that will help you unwind in bed. The more relaxed you can make yourself, the better your experience will be. On your first night, try reading a book, or watching a relaxing television show, or partake in yoga or breathing exercises.

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