The key reasons you aren’t sleeping well

For sleep apnea sufferers, sleeping well is a luxury that most don’t experience. Some will attest to waking up more tired than before they went to bed, feeling fatigued and drained from just one night. For those using a CPAP machine especially, restless or disturbed sleeping isn’t ideal, mainly when it results in interrupted use of the device. Lifestyle choices or surroundings usually trigger poor sleep, here we share with you the common reasons your restless night is worse than ever.

You’ve started drinking before bed

Alcohol impairs your ability to sleep soundly, especially for those with sleep apnea. Though you may experience temporary relaxation from the consumption, and may even find yourself falling asleep quicker than usual, your quality of sleep is severely diminished. Alcohol impedes your sleep cycle, causing you to stir more often and disrupt vital parts of your sleeping, such as your REM stage. Limiting your alcohol consumption is essential, especially just before bed in large quantities.

You’ve started exercising before bed

Sleep apnea sufferers are highly encouraged to exercise, especially consistently. Though most health professionals will advise you to fit exercise into your day whenever you can if you’re sleeping poorly, activity before bed isn’t recommended. With an increased heart rate and body temperature, your body will struggle to unwind adequately and lower it’s functioning for sleep.

You’ve changed your sleep arrangement

For poor sleepers, such as sleep apnea sufferers, changing the bedroom set up can be detrimental to your sleep patterns. Even the smallest of changes, such as new linen or a pillow, to complete overhauls, such as adding a new family member into the bed, can provide unwanted deterrents for your sleep pattern. Thankfully getting used to these changes doesn’t take long, especially for changes that are aimed to better your sleep in the long run. Introducing changes should happen slowly; don’t change too much of your sleep hygiene all at once, as substantial changes can take you longer.

You’ve changed your diet

Your digestive system can keep you awake or wake you in the middle of the night unexpectedly. Adding significant quantities of high fat and carbohydrate foods can cause extreme discomfort in the body, such as heartburn and gas, which can disrupt your sleep or cause you to need the toilet at all hours. Additionally, caffeine also has the same effect, especially if you already have a restricted intake.

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