Is my CPAP machine faulty? Common reasons your CPAP machine appears to be failing you (and it might not be your machine!)

Waking up struggling to breathe, or getting up in the morning feeling unrested and fatigued, we can only assume our CPAP machine is failing us. However, this might not be the reality; there are many reasons why your CPAP machine might not be working as you’d hoped, easily fixable reasons hurting your sleeping patterns. We share with you the reasons why your CPAP machine might not seem as beneficial as usual, and the fixes you can make right now.

You pull your mask off at night

Though you don’t know you’re doing it, you might be pulling your CPAP mask off during the night. As we sleep, it’s common to pull or yank at the mask, shifting it away from the face and causing a leak between the mask seal and the face. Even the smallest movement across the face can cause you issues, and you may not realise it’s a problem until you experience fatigue and alike symptoms.

Your mask isn’t right for you

An ill-fitting mask can undo everything the CPAP machine is trying to achieve. With leaks in your mask or a mask that isn’t fitted right for your face, the air pressure can drop too low, rendering the effects of the machine minimal. Thankfully, the fix to this issue is straightforward; return to your specialist for a proper mask fitting, or send your mask away for maintenance repair.

Your machine is dirty or needs servicing

Through everyday use, your CPAP machine can become clogged with dirt and grime from the environment and contact with your skin. Neglecting the hygiene of your CPAP machine is a common cause of break-downs and insufficient air pressure, as the clogged filters prevent regular airflow through the device. Ensure you’re always keeping up with the machine’s basic maintenance schedule, as set by the manufacturer.

Your power supply is limited

Most CPAP machines are easily operated, in that you plug in the device into your wall power supply using the cord. However, sometimes your power supply may become compromised; power cords can become destroyed through contact with animals or damaged in transport, which can affect the continuous energy supply to your machine.

You aren’t wearing it all the time

Your CPAP machine isn’t a part-time device you wear when you feel like it. As your specialist will advise you, you need to be wearing it every time you sleep, including short naps and while travelling. If you’re taking CPAP usage breaks, outside the advice from your doctor, you can expect your quality of sleep to deteriorate significantly.

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