Five reasons why exercise could help your sleep apnoea

Sleep apnoea isn’t just potentially a serious (even life-threatening) condition, it also has a number of unpleasant symptoms which can significantly reduce your quality of life. In many cases, exercise has been shown to help to reduce the severity and duration of sleep apnea symptoms. Take a look at five benefits which exercise might have on sleep apnoea.

1. Exercise can assist weight loss

Although not all sleep apnoea sufferers are overweight, excess fat is considered to be a key risk factor in the development of the condition, for several reasons. Becoming more active clearly burns additional calories, assisting in weight loss alongside a suitable diet.

2. Exercise strengthens breathing muscles

Exercise causes your breathing muscles to work harder in order to ensure you have sufficient oxygen to move faster, lift more or whatever else your exercise entails. Improved muscle condition helps to increase the efficiency of your breathing, potentially improving oxygen flow around the body. This, in turn, can help to reduce the effect which sleep apnoea has.

3. Assisting with daytime sleepiness

An unpleasant symptom of sleep apnea, sufferers frequently complain of feeling tired all the time. Not only does this reduce the amount of activity they complete, it can also cause them to doze or nap during the day, reducing their chances of sleeping at night. The hormones released during exercise can create greater alertness, helping to maintain a healthier sleep pattern.

4. Psychological benefits

Low mood is an almost inevitable effect of sleep apnoea. The endorphins released during exercise have been shown to enhance mood. Some studies have shown that exercise is as effective as medication in treating mild to moderate depression.

5. Exercise can help night time sleep

It’s common sense that exercise tires you out! Managing to get in a good workout gives the body a signal that restful slumber is needed to help the body recover from its exertion. Exercise optimises the chances of drifting into a deep sleep, which provides the most effective rest.

No matter what type of exercise is taken, there’s little doubt that it will have a positive effect on sleep apnoea symptoms.

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