ApneaSeal – An Innovation Discovered by Accident

ApneaSeal is Aussie Innovation at its best

Like countless ‘accidental’ discoveries in history such as Penicillin or the heart pacemaker, ApneaSeal was born on the merits of providing a customised CPAP mask fit to improve patient compliance and soon after, a prototype ApneaSeal was serendipitously born with the unique and advantageous property of being a rigid plastic. We often hear the question, “how on earth can hard plastic be comfortable”? Let’s discuss the science…

Yes, a Hard Plastic Mask

Traditional mask technologies target a need to make it easy for clinicians and patients to fit the mask with minimal sizes. Therefore, the mask needs to conform to a great diversity of patient faces… call it a perfect compromise that requires the mask to have soft, flexible qualities, however this property can make a mask prone to leak especially at high pressure.

Those skilled in mask engineering know how challenging it is to make a mask work exceptionally well within its very long list of design requirements. However, one design contradiction has, until now, been difficult to solve. That is, how to make the mask comfortable by conforming to the individual’s face, however, provide structural integrity and stability to maintain a seal throughout the night.

The stable comfort of an ApneaSeal is a unique combination that received its first granted patent in 2018. ApneaSeal uses human engineering skill to custom design a mask for each patient that spreads the forces in such a way to seal over various structures of the face with very little contact pressure, typically much less than a traditional mask. This results in a mask that remains light on the face all night long, even though the material is rigid plastic. ApneaSeal backs this science by providing patients with a mask fit guarantee to provide a positive sleep experience.

What’s Next?

Also, in early 2020, ApneaSeal expects to launch its completely new mask design that further revolutionises the “light all night” qualities with an unprecedented level of robust seal.

Phil Kwok – CPAP Mask Expert

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In line with NSW government directives, ApneaSeal have put a number of measures in place to protect employees and customers. ApneaSeal production remains operational, however, there is the potential for a few days’ additional delay due to restrictions and busy delivery services. Whilst most states recognise the importance of fulfilling essential services such as CPAP medical devices, and as each state has its own Covid-19 requirements, it will be prudent to check your local regulations and local ApneaSeal dealer for the latest information before visiting.