Why most people neglect CPAP maintenance, and how not to make the same mistakes

Your CPAP machine and parts require regular maintenance and replacement to extend the life of the product, as well as ensure the device is working effectively continually. Most sleep apnea sufferers understand the advantages of replacing their mask and filters regularly, yet find themselves neglecting to make the switches. In this article, we divulge the reasons why most people fail to replace their CPAP machine parts, sharing tips on how to avoid slipping into the trap of disregarding your machine’s upkeep.

Don’t see the need

One of the main reasons CPAP machine owners fail to attend to their machine is a lack of education about the needs of the device. While the unit itself may look clean, undamaged and in working order, it’s impossible to evaluate the condition of the machine without professional assistance.

Such issues addressed during the maintenance is the degradation of the mask due to dirt and grime build-up from the face’s natural oils, something that isn’t often noticeable to the naked eye. Other parts that may look undamaged are the machine’s filters; however, these can become severely clogged quickly. Though your CPAP machine may look, sound or act in working order, regular maintenance ensures you catch any issues before they arise.

Budget restraints

There is no denying that CPAP machines and their parts are costly, especially when you need emergency supplies. Though most people recognise the device is worth every dollar, machine maintenance is often a neglected component of the user’s CPAP budget. To avoid being stung with replacement costs, prioritise a savings fund for your machine’s maintenance, drawing from it only to attend to your device and associated costs. Saving should keep you prepared financially for a rainy day.

Forgetting to attend to the machine

We have incredibly active, busy lives and forgetting to order replacement parts for your CPAP machine can happen to anyone. Scheduling your CPAP maintenance is essential; once you have replaced your last parts, plan the next update in your diary immediately. With each piece, especially the face masks which need the most replacing, ask the CPAP technician for the advised replacement timeframe, so you can accurately schedule your maintenance in advance.

Assuming it’s too hard

Every CPAP machine retailer endeavours to make the ordering process as easy as possible, and provide as much help getting the essentials to you. If you’re concerned about ordering new parts and CPAP machine maintenance is outside of your means, don’t be afraid to reach out and discuss your options, as there are always people willing to help make the process easier.

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