Why custom CPAP masks take the guesswork out of the a good night’s sleep

The secret to the perfect night sleep with a CPAP machine has everything to do with the mask; with a mask that fits you correctly, that is sized best for your face and head shape, and that feels comfortable, will ensure you a good night’s sleep. However, navigating the many CPAP mask options can be tricky, and with the abundance of options available, finding the right sleep apnea mask can feel overwhelming. We share with you why custom-fit CPAP masks will help you speed up the arduous adjustment process, will save you money on ill-fitting masks, and help you manage your symptoms easily.

Perfect sizing

Standard CPAP masks come in various sizes; however, when it comes to such a highly personal apparatus, standard sizing doesn’t cover the ranging facial structures and head sizes of the general population. Size can be an extreme factor why patients feel uncomfortable while wearing the mask. With a tight mask, the straps and apparatus cause pressure on the face and head and can lead to tension headaches. A loose-fitting mask that doesn’t stay gripped to the face can result in leaking air and inefficient sleeping experience. Some patients will interrupt this experience as a broken machine; however, this is the result of an insufficiently sized mask.

Perfect style

With a custom created CPAP mask, you can develop a style of mask that suits you best. Some people enjoy sleeping on their backs, some on their side, and a mask fitted to accommodate this will allow you to continue to enjoy your favourite sleeping style. Body positioning isn’t the only style customisation offered, as you are presented with the choice of nasal airflow, mouth airflow or both, allowing you to pick a breathing style that works best for you.

Sleep advice

The one on one time spent with the experts custom fitting your CPAP mask provides you valuable access to specific sleep apnea advice. Unless you know someone who suffers the same condition, finding diverse, reliable information about what is best for your particular situation can be tricky to find. With direction on best pillow choices, bedroom set up, and how to keep your CPAP machine maintained effectively, and your consultant can provide you with everything you need to know.

Less trial and error time

When you suffer from sleep apnea, the last thing you want is to spend weeks, months or even years figuring out the best setup for your CPAP mask. The reality is most patients experience lengthy processes to finding the right mask, and you can exhaust time, money and energy simply enduring this process.

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