The CPAP and Relationships affect: sound, fear, and the CPAP machine

With our busier-than-ever lifestyle, getting a good night’s sleep is essential to the recovery of our body and mind. Snoring and sleep apnea are harmful to your health, but have you thought about the affect of CPAP and relationships?

CPAP and Relationships – The sound effect

Snoring is the result of a narrowed airway. As the air squeezes through it makes the airway vibrate, creating sound. This sound can be anything from a slight whistle to an almighty roar. For those trying to sleep, especially light sleepers, the snore can be akin to a method of torture. All your body craves is sleep, but all you hear is snoring… sound familiar?

The fear effect

Sleep apnea occurs when the passage in the throat closes completely and breathing is interrupted. This may occur only a few times per night or hundreds of times. For some people, having their partner stop breathing during the night is a very scary event. They lay awake, listening, in the dark. Waiting for your next breath. Or maybe they don’t stay awake to listen, but the gasp you take, or the kick you make as you take your next breath wakes them up anyway. This is one of the CPAP and Relationships issues that CPAP therapy addresses.

The relationship effect

Maintaining a happy and healthy relationship is hard at the best of times. When neither of you are getting a good night’s sleep, it can be nearly impossible. Tiredness can bring anger, resentment, and frustration into a happy relationship.

The CPAP effect

The solution to your partner’s sleeping problem is for you to start using a CPAP machine so both of you sleep better. CPAP machines quietly and gently emit air which keeps the passageway open. By preventing the airway from closing, the incidents of sleep apnea and the noise of snoring stops or greatly diminishes.

Getting a well-fitted mask for your CPAP machine is an essential part of ensuring a great sleep for you and your partner. Don’t let your loved one suffer any longer, get your apnea machine today. Give yourself, and your partner a better quality of life: don’t wait another night!

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