Supporting someone with sleep apnea

Thanks to the introduction of effective treatments such as the CPAP machine, sleep apnea has become a manageable condition that many sufferers can deal with effectively.

Despite this, however, virtually everyone with sleep apnea would rather not have the condition. Indeed, sleep apnea can still cause a number of physical and emotional issues that can be difficult to deal with. In this way, therefore, it is important that the family members and partners of people with sleep apnea are aware of the effects that the condition can have on their loved one’s life. Here are a few ways that you can support a person with sleep apnea:

1. Remind them that sleep apnea is not their fault

One of the primary and most obvious symptoms of sleep apnea is loud and consistent snoring. Partners of sufferers, therefore, may have to deal with disrupted sleep on a regular basis and may even decide to sleep in a separate room from their partner during snoring episodes.

Unsurprisingly, this can generate tensions in a relationship and can cause the sufferer to feel guilty, rejected or depressed. In this way, it is important that the partners of sufferers are open about the way in which the sleep disruption affects them, whilst reassuring the person with sleep apnea that they are not blamed for their condition in any way.

2. Let them know that their condition is improving

If you notice that a CPAP machine is having a positive effect on a person’s snoring problem, let them know. Indeed, there is nothing more heartening than positive messages from partners and family members which, by extension, will encourage them to comply with treatment regimes.

3. Make lifestyle changes a family mission

Regardless of whether you live in a small or a large household, encouraging everyone to exercise regularly and eat more healthily can have a hugely positive effect on a sleep apnea sufferer. Losing weight and exercising regularly can be hugely beneficial to those with sleep apnea, but these lifestyle changes can be difficult to do alone. Getting everyone involved will help them stay focused and, of course, will improve the health of wellbeing of the entire household. It’s a win-win situation!

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