Sleep apnea masks: a guide to selecting the right one

How many sleep apnea masks are there?

Sleep apnea masks are used on CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines as part of an effective therapy for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Obstructive sleep apnea occurs during sleep when throat muscles relax causing the airway to close thereby stopping oxygen intake. This condition happens intermittently while the patient is sleeping and can affect his/her well-being and health.

What are sleep apnea masks?

Patients with OSA benefit from continuous airway pressure (CPAP). Sleep apnea masks (or CPAP mask) fit over your nose or nose and mouth. They work by gently blowing air into the airway to keep the pressure constant. That way the upper airway passages stay open while the patient sleeps.

Types of sleep apnea masks

Sleep apnea masks come in many options to suit different preferences. Some of the more common sleep apnea masks include:

  • Nasal pillow masks that fit the nares of the nostril. Nasal pillows and nasal cradles suit patients who:
    • do not breathe through their mouths
    • do not like the feeling of wearing larger masks (claustrophobia)
    • wear glasses
    • have facial hair
  • Nasal masks that cover the entire nose.  These suite patients that:
    • do not breathe through their mouths
    • do not suffer from nasal congestion
    • do not like the feeling of having something in their nostrils
    • move around during sleep
  • Full face masks that cover both mouth and nose. These are for patients that
    • breathe through their mouths
    • suffer from nasal congestion
    • move around during sleep

Choosing a mask

Once you have been prescribed CPAP therapy, you will have to be fitted for a connection to your nose (or nose and mouth), headgear, tubing and an interface. The most important considerations for you are comfort, a good seal, and lifestyle choices and personal preference. The sleep apnea mask you choose must feel comfortable and with a good fit to ensure proper flow of pressurised air.

However! Every patient is different. This is why the ApneaSeal was developed. The ApneaSeal is a custom moulded mask designed to optimally fit the contours of each individual’s nose. It fits straight on to a standard CPAP machine. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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