How to sleep well with a CPAP mask

If you suffer from sleep apnea, sometimes spelt as sleep apnoea, then you may sleep with a CPAP machine. This is a common therapy which uses a mask to deliver steady and constant air pressure. However, some people find these masks uncomfortable, which can lead to a bad night’s sleep. To find out how to sleep well with a CPAP mask, continue reading.

Feeling claustrophobic

Some users of CPAP masks struggle to adjust to the sensation of wearing them, as they can feel claustrophobic. To combat this, try wearing your mask in the day time while you’re awake. Hold it up to your face first, and then try wearing it with the straps. Gradually introduce the masks with the attached hose, and turn on the CPAP machine. By getting used to how the mask feels in the day, you are far more likely to feel comfortable with it on at night.

Removing the mask at night

Do you wake up in the morning and find you have removed the mask in the night? This is very dangerous for your sleep apnea, so should be prevented. You may be removing your mask because of a congested nose. If this is the case, adding a CPAP heated humidifier could help fix the problem. Wearing a chin strap can also help keep the mask on your face. If you are still suffering from this problem, then it may be beneficial to set alarms throughout the night so you can check you’re still wearing it.

Try a different CPAP mask

It could be the case that your mask is the wrong fit for you, and therefore causing you issues. Everyone has different face shapes, so it is important to try a few different styles to see what works best for you. A custom-fitted mask could improve your sleep massively. Tailored specifically to your face, this type of mask will offer the most comfortable wear.

At ApneaSeal, we create custom-fitted 3D masks for CPAP machines, meaning you can sleep comfortably. For more information, get in touch with us today.

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