How To Care For Your CPAP Machine

By now you have come to realise how important your CPAP machine is for your health, your sleep and your overall happiness. You can’t imagine a world where something happens to your machine and it becomes unusable, especially if the reason was something you could have easily avoided.

In the article, we take you through the basics of caring for your CPAP machine, the best practices for cleaning it and how to avoid dirt build-up in the most crucial parts of the device.

Clean Your Machine Every Day
Your CPAP mask can build up dirt very quickly, especially around the rim of the mask where it comes into contact with your face. Therefore, it is imperative you wash the machine every day. Most users find it beneficial to wipe down the machine in the morning, allowing the machine to dry during the day, ready for the evening.

Avoid using a facial oil

Before using your mask, you must have a clean face, free of moisturisers, face oils or skincare products. The chemicals in these face products breakdown the silicone around the mask, destroying the integrity and costing you in replacements. Keep your facial creams for during the day, and avoid using them at night.
Don’t use harsh chemicals
Your CPAP machine should be cleaned gently using warm water and fragrant free soap, preferably paraben and irritant-free. If you are concerned about what product to use, choose CPAP mask wipes and cleaning products, as you know they will be safe on your machine. Always use a dry paper towel to wipe down excess moisture and allow to dry in place out of the sunlight.
Check the cords

The power cords to your CPAP machine are one of the most neglected parts of the entire device. However, if these cords become tangled or damaged, you lose the ability to use your machine very quickly. Ensure you keep them out of harm’s way, out of the way of pets who chew on power cords, and lift them from the ground during vacuuming and cleaning.
Follow the maintenance schedule
When you purchase your machine, you will be given a guide indicating when to replace certain elements of the machine, such as the cushions or the mask. It’s important you follow these recommendations seriously, keeping up with changes as closely as possible. This is for your health and the longevity of the machine.

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