Five essential tips to stay cool at night in the summer

For every sleep apnea sufferer and CPAP machine user, obtaining a relaxing night’s sleep is their main priority, although it’s virtually impossible to realise in the persistent summer heat. Those who aren’t lucky enough to have air conditioning in their homes, or specifically in the bedroom, need to look to other solutions to keep cool during the night. We outline the best ways to stay cool at night, sharing with you easy to implement tips for keeping away the heat that aggravates your condition and prevents comfortable sleeping.

Utilise a fan

Though you may not have access to air conditioning, pedestal and ceiling fans are an extremely cost-effective alternative. Positioning the fan near you will keep you relaxed while pushing the warm air away from your body. However, what you want to avoid is placing the moving air directly in front of your face, as this can cause a blocked nose and dry mouth easily. Combined with a humidifier, the fan should efficiently work to keep you relaxed without the dry mouth symptom.

Open the windows

As the air temperature drops overnight, fresh, cold air is easily accessible through open windows. Especially where your CPAP machine is stored, the bedroom temperature needs continual regulation, so you need to prioritise effective cooling during the coldest parts of the day. Keeping the windows open during the night is best if it doesn’t provide any distractions; for houses on main roads or near loud, high-density areas, this solution may offer more distractions than relaxation.

Cold shower

Going to bed hot won’t help you relax or stay comfortable throughout the night. A quick yet efficient cooling technique is taking a cold shower before bed, which will help lower your body temperate while washing away sweat, dirt and grime. Washing your face is particularly essential for CPAP users, to avoid mask damage and disintegration, so adding this step in shouldn’t disrupt your sleep hygiene routine.


CPAP users particularly need to concentrate on adequate hydration during the warmer months, to avoid a dry mouth while mask sleeping, as well as maintaining proper health and nutrition. Cold or ice water also helps you to keep cool and replenishes water loss from excessive sweating.

Lightweight linen

The summer months aren’t the time to use any of your heavy linen; avoid sleeping with blankets, thick sheets, and linen made of silk, satin and polyester. These fabrics don’t breathe efficiently, and trap sweat easily, which results in night time perspiration and smelly linen.

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