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The ApneaSeal Solution - June 12th, 2017

ApneaSeal™ uses innovative face mapping technology to create a precise 3D custom mask solution for your sleep apnea treatment. The simple and quick face mapping process captures over 20,000 data points of your nose to allow us to develop the most precise solution for you. 

Benefits: 4 images

The ApneaSeal Nose Studio®

Once the images from your facial mapping scan are captured, they are instantaneously transmitted to our engineers who convert your facial architecture to build a customised mask interface using state of the art 3D printing. In applying thousands of rendered scans and face morphology, our Sleep Optimisation Scientists apply their experience to develop the mask specifically made for you.

Optimised fit

The sizing is optimised and made for each individual’s face. No other mask is built to contour and fit the nose and face like your own customised mask. There are no sizes for ApneaSeal because each one is individually made to fit only one patient.

Superior comfort

Due to the intimate design and fit of ApneaSeal, it substantially decreases the required headgear strap force and contact pressure to seal the mask, ensuring the mask is exceptionally light and comfortable on the face. This light fit can be maintained throughout the night.

Better performance


Our team of Sleep Optimisation Scientists are committed to ensuring we provide only the best quality solutions for your sleep apnea treatment. With continuing research, we will strive to provide the most innovative and high performing solutions for our customers.

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