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ApneaSeal Relaunches Brand with new Website and Logo – Sydney Jul 2017 - August 1st, 2017

ApneaSeal(TM) recently completed and launched a full rebrand and new website. Commissioning a top Sydney-based advertising and media agency, Sweeney Advertising, the creative department went to work on giving the whole brand a distinct fresh look. After “initial discovery” and “brand strategy” meetings with the teams, the premise of our brand was established:

“Sleep is everything. It is the foundation of our well being and success in everyday life”.

We understand sleep disturbance can have a massive impact on the lives of many, especially those on CPAP therapy. We believe that optimising someone’s sleep can improve their everyday performance. ApneaSeal’s circular logo with the tagline ‘made for you’ is representative of the perfect seal and our stamp of approval. Backed by scientific research and development our aim is to revitalise and enhance your restful sleep.

If you are suffering from OSA and are treated by CPAP therapy contact us today.

Let our Sleep Optimisation Scientists enhance your sleep performance.

One thought on “ApneaSeal Relaunches Brand with new Website and Logo – Sydney Jul 2017

  1. Hi,
    I have suffered from sleep apnea for more than 20yrs. I have tried so many machines over the years trying to keep up with the latest designs etc.
    Masks have been a huge problem for me over the years trying to get a comfortable one that actually does not leak and does not leave me with the “scars” that you usually end up with, in trying to stop leaks.
    I now have a full face mask that does not leak, well maybe just a little, but is one of the best so far, problem is marks on the face etc. I also have a problem with my mouth opening during my sleep so I also wear a chin strap that looks more like the scrum cap in my Rugby days, hence more marks.
    I would definitely be interested in your product

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