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What are the benefits of using ApneaSeal? - September 14th, 2017

No Mask Sizes

Everyone’s face is unique. Most masks in the market attempt to fit the majority of patients with the least number of sizes for convenience of fit, however ApneaSeal has been designed without sizes because it only fits the person it was made for.

Lightweight design

ApneaSeal’s unique medical grade plastic interface fits by optimising the mask to your facial contours and uses patent pending technology to provide exceptionally light sealing forces against the face. Most patients are surprised to discover a mask made of harder materials is actually more comfortable against the face than soft rubber materials used in traditional masks and report less face marking due to lower headgear strap tension.

Less ‘explosive’ leaks

Patients have experienced less sudden pressure losses due to the mask dislodging from the face. Smaller controlled leaks reduce noise and air jetting onto patients and partners during the night which may result in more restful sleep.

Improved seal

Conventional masks are one size or a few sizes fit all, thus all are the perfect compromise to matching your own face. Improving the seal around the nose is enabled by shaping the mask to the exact contour of your own nose and face.

These benefits, in turn, provide a better night sleep for both the CPAP user and other members of their household.